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Aerodynamics & Plane Structure

MIT Aerodynamic Lectures

Aircraft Structure

        Airplanes undergo harmful forces while in flight. So aerospace engineers need to know how to build a plane to avoid these problems. An aircraft's structure is key to its success. Check out these videos of basic aircraft structural design to see what stresses are put on airplanes, how they are fixed, and what types of structures there are in aircraft. 

Aircraft Structural Components 

Area Rule (Structural Design) 

Area Rule Basics                                                                      Fuselage, Shockwaves, and Wave Drag

SIMULIA CFD Aerodynamic Simulations

        SIMULIA has created software that simulates flow behavior through their Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) program, which can simulate normal cruise conditions, dynamic conditions, aerodynamic degradation, and more. Here's a cool video that provides information on the system and visual representations.

Aerodynamics of a Glider

        Gliders are built using knowledge of aerodynamics to take full advantage of factors such as the dynamic reaction of the air against its lifting surfaces, extending flight time. They maximize lift while minimizing aerodynamic drag, making efficient use of everything they can.


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