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Kerbal Space Program

        Kerbal Space Program is a fictional game where you can explore a solar system using space vehicles built by you! This game is excellent at visually representing the basics of orbital mechanics as well as teaching the basics of space travel and rocketry. If you want a bit of a challenge, you can switch to a game mode in which you are on a budget, just like how NASA and other space programs work in real life. At the time of making this site, the price for KSP was discounted to only $27.59, but prices can change. 

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Space Flight Simulator

        Space flight simulator is like Kerbal Space Programs' little brother. Although it does teach the basics of orbital mechanics it does so on a two-dimensional plane. It is a great starting point for those wanting to learn the basics of space travel. It is a very high-quality and fun mobile game with infinite possibilities. Unlike KSP, it has no cost to it.

Open Rocket

        Are you interested in model rocketry? Do you make homemade rockets and want a more accurate way of testing their stability? Do you want to see how your rocket will fly before it even touches the pad? Then this is the perfect app for you. Open Rocket is a free computer application that allows you to build and design your own rockets which can act as plans for a rocket build in real life. It can simulate how your rocket will fly and has hundreds of model rocket engines to put in your rockets. These engines range from small Estes hobby rocket engines to massive O-class engines that can send metal rockets past the Karmen Line and into space!

Getting Started - OpenRocket wiki

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Microsoft Flight Simulator

        If you are interested in aerospace at all you have probably heard of Microsoft Flight Simulator. This game is truly an incredible accomplishment for Microsoft and is a replica of the real world in which you can fly to ANY airport in the world! You can learn to fly with accurate plane physics and mechanics as well as go sightseeing all through the world. I have even landed a plane on my high school's football field using Microsoft Flight Simulator! The basic version of this game costs $59.99 with the deluxe version costing $79.99

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Digital Combat Simulator (DCS) 

        Perhaps the pinnacle of modern aerial systems simulation - A game in which one can get their left hydraulics system hit by the shrapnel from an SA-8, launch a Maverick to suppress it, then flip the switch to isolate that system nurse the plane back home and land it on trim. Modern aircraft from the F-14 to the F-16, to the Mig-29 and Ka-50, as well as a fair number of warbirds, have found their way into the sim over time, most at a study level. It's difficult, and takes time - But is very cool.

 All the images, by the way, are from in-game.

Digital Combat Simulator World

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