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NASA History Series

        These are all of the public history publications by NASA - References, Center Histories, and, my favorite, the 'Project Histories.' This is among the best resources on the site if you're interested in learning about spaceflight - Look into it. 

Project Mercury

        Project Mercury is a comprehensive book on the Mercury Program. Which was the first manned spaceflight program in the United States. It does a great job at explaining the roots of NASA, the rockets the seven Mercury astronauts flew on, and even the Mercury Program as a whole. However, it is quite information-heavy and not much of a story-telling book. So this is most certainly a book for those out there who are a bit more advanced. 

Fire in the Sky: The Air War in the South Pacific. By Eric Bergerud

        This is a fantastic record of, as the title says, WWII in the South Pacific. It runs through almost all nations involved, provides a thorough set of information about the technical elements of the aircraft, and the experience of aircrews, and discusses the strategic proceedings of the theatre. If you have a few spare pesos, it's worth a read.

Owners Workshop Series

        For those of you who are eager to dive into the technical information about aircraft, rockets, or even automobiles, this series of books is for you. Each book goes in-depth on the technology and history behind several aerospace feats of engineering such as U.S. spy satellites, military aircraft, and a plethora of spacecraft. 

Haynes F/A-18 Hornet Owners' Workshop Manual


Failure Is Not an Option - Gene Kranz

        This is an amazing memoir written by Gene Kranz about his experience being a flight director at NASA. He is possibly the most important flight director to ever work at NASA. If you want to see the history of NASA from the eyes of someone who worked there, this is a great book. 


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