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Battles of WWII

Montemayor's Battle of Midway

        The man; The legend; The myth: Montemayor. He who presented the world with a clarifying, defining account of the Battle of Midway - and when we needed him most, he vanished. But he returned! 

The Battle of Midway from the Japanese Perspective:  Pt. I

  Hiryu's Counterstrike:  Pt. II 

  Consequence and Americans: Pt. III

The Battle of Britain - 1940

        The Battle of Britain was the most famous all-aerial battle of WWII. Germany was the aggressor in the battle and was trying to gain air superiority over the English Channel in order to support an invasion of Great Britain. Fortunately, the lack of air strategy that the Germans had allowed the British to fight off the Germans. If the Germans one this battle, effectively crumpling Great Britain, who knows what the world could have looked like? Here is an article about the Battle of Britain. 

Battle of Britain: 1940


WWII Aerospace Advancements

Pulse Jet Engine

        The pulse jet engine was the first jet engine to ever exist and was invented in 1906. It was used on the V-1 Flying Bomb during WW2 and was the predecessor to the V-2 ballistic missile. This engine is the most simple jet engine in existence with the ability to start without having to be accelerated at insane speeds first. What makes it such a feat of engineering is that it can intake, compress, and ignite fuel and air without any moving parts. It essentially breathes on its own by the vacuum of air created by gas burning. If you want to learn more about it, check out the links below. 

How to START a Pulse Jet 

The Past and Future of the Pulse Jet 

V-1 Argus Pulse Jet


The V-2 Ballistic Missle

        The V2 Ballistic Missile was the first ever long-range ballistic missile ever made and used in battle. It was under incredibly secret development in Pennemünde, Germany. The V2 was developed by Wernher Von Braun and his team of scientists. The V2 had a range of about 200 miles and about 1,400 of them hit London during the duration of the war. Wernher Von Braun's work with the V2 is extremely controversial because of his affiliation with the SS and the use of Jewish slave labor to build his rockets.

More Information

        The information above barely scratches the surface of WWII aerospace advancements but hopefully makes you interested to learn more. There are many other advancements such as the Whittle engine, ME-262, the first ground-to-air missile, and many other things that you are encouraged to research. 


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