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        The CAP Cadet Wings is a merit-based program for cadets pursuing a Private Pilot Certificate (PPC) - it's the new diamond of cadet life. Cadets complete their training at a local flight school (sometimes referred to as "FBO") or with CAP flight instructors using our CAP Cessna 172 aircraft. Funding for this program comes from the United States Air Force and other funding partners such as the Ray Foundation to develop tomorrow's aerospace leaders. 

Cadet Wings Program Information 

Cadet Wings Program Information Video 


Videos and Channels

The E6B Flight Computer

        If you choose to major in aviation in college or learn how to fly VFR for long distances in a little plane, then chances are you will have to learn how to use an E6B analog flight computer. It is a device as useful as it is complex. So if you want to get a head start on understanding it, then check out these nine videos where a flight instructor explains how to use it to calculate ground speed, flight distance, fuel consumption, etc. 


How to Use Your E6B 

Flight Training Collection - King Schools

        King Schools is a popular online resource for student pilots or people with an aviation interest. Their videos will be commonly used on this page because of their effective methods of teaching as well as their wide breadth of knowledge. Here are a collection of their videos for you to watch to learn more about general aviation. 


King Schools: 

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