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Cool Organizations


        The Experimental Aircraft Association - A neat set of people, they host Oshkosh, as well as provide scholarships to teenagers such as ourselves. Their site provides good advice about training. If you like homebuilt aircraft, you can also ask them about that, I guess.

 They are organized into "Chapters" - For example, one of those in Colorado is EAA 301,, and they host Young Eagles Flights out of KAPA and KCFO. 


        The Aircraft Owners and Pilots' Association - A neat set of people as well, probably, though I've not interacted with them as much. While they don't host Oshkosh, they do have some neat scholarships available, if you're so inclined. - Grumman OPA


        The Soaring Society of America - They fly gliders if you're that manner of a pilot. They serve as sort of the AOPA for glider people, providing scholarships and so forth. They also provide a great set of news articles, which thou acquire if thou art a member. I'd suggest it.

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