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Airport Operations

Airport Signs, Markings, and Lights

Runway Markings

Taxiway Markings 

Runway Lights 

How ILS Works 


Communicating With ATC

        One of the greatest challenges as a pilot is communicating with air traffic control. If you are a student pilot or even just a curious cadet, I recommend you watch this video explaining the process of communicating with ATC.


Flight Line Marshall

        If you have been to an airport at all you've likely seen a person directing planes with neon wands. This person is a flight marshal. Their job is to direct all aircraft that are arriving at or leaving their designated gates on the tarmac. Here is a great video explaining some of the movements they do to direct aircraft. If you find flight marshaling very interesting, then you should try to apply to the Blue Berets NCSA in which cadets are sent to Oshkosh, Wisconsin to marshal planes for a week during the Oshkosh air show in which 10,000 planes arrive at the airport.



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